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is dedicated to supporting Ohio fiber producers and artists, and to developing awareness of the diversity and beauty of Ohio farm yarns and fleeces. Our fiber farmers raise alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats and angora rabbits for their beautiful fiber. Our fiber artists dye, hook, spin, knit, weave and felt the most beautiful fiber art you've ever seen. Knitters, check out our Ravelry group on-line. You can also follow us on Facebook. We're hoping you make 2012 the year you decide to go on an Ohio Fiber Diet by supporting your local fiber producer or artist! We don't think you'll be disappointed. The Ohio Natural Fiber Network -- Our Homegrown for Your Handmade

Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome New Member: Great Lakes Fibers

The Network would like to welcome Amy Lowery and Great Lakes Fibers of Huron, Ohio to our membership.

Great Lakes Fibers is home to suri alpacas and suri llamas.

The farm will begin offering classes later this month in knitting, spinning, felting and much more.
They also have an electric carding machine and a FeltLoom. For those familiar with the machines, they offer rental time.

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